Gamification Criteria

Sir Richard Branson, the world-famous entrepreneur, adventurer and leading advocate of intrapreneurism, has five criteria for a product or service to bear the Virgin brand:

1.     Virgin products and services must have high quality.
2.     Virgin ventures must be innovative.
3.     Virgin's businesses must provide good value for the money.
4.     Virgin services must be challenging to existing alternatives.
5.     The Virgin staff and customers must have a sense of fun.

Reward Pathways

Gauge provided positive reinforcement from merely getting a question right to sharing information with a colleague in a competitive format. The Gauge app unlocks the “reward pathway” in the brain.  

As a knowledge corroboration tool, Gauge provides a tremendous impact on learning and development investments, builds, and shares learned experience throughout an organization. Gauge uses a method to pre-seed change initiatives to set the need for and processes to adapt to new directions.