"To provide Gauge users with a resource that will help them learn what they need to succeed"

Providing information that is:

  • Topic or problem based
  • Backed up with documentation that is concise and readable 
  • Content that is useful and accurate
  • Supported with article, videos, blogs and usable tools
  • Direct access to relevant topic details



Values for our Customers

Compassion is the primary driver behind all Gauge Gamification activities. The Gauge team's definition of compassion is: always demonstrating kindness, caring and fair consideration.

We believe that without an understanding of others and willingness to help others our values would be meaningless. 

We know compassion is a positive emotion that is about being thoughtful and decent to all people.




For our Users, we believe

Gauge is a service business and by working with our users we will become their first source of information that is relevant to their business and lifestyle

The Gauge key to success is driven by a number of clear and concise statements that every member of the Gauge team believes and strives to deliver.


RESPONSIVENESS: when an opportunity to learn is identified; a Gauge participant is delivered a short but credible starting point to improving their knowledge or capabilities.

ASSURANCE: Gauge participants will always be delivered information that has been verified and provided by credible sources.

TANGIBLES: all data provided to users and participants will be based on performance-based outcomes and will only be provided to Gauge game participants.

EMPATHY: Gauge team will constantly strive to deliver services that are targeted at improving our clients well being.

RELIABILITY: Ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately and that our data will only be shared when released by Gauge game participants.


Gauge Internal Team Values

Research has shown that service teams are most effective when stakeholders have a set of values and use those values to codify their working relationships and performance standards.

COMMITMENT: understanding what needs to be done to complete a job, then letting others know when and how it will be done.

TRUST: constantly demonstrating that we can be counted on to do our best work, support our fellow team members, acting with respect and in good faith.

RISK TAKING: accepting challenges, trying innovative ideas, learning from our mistakes and most importantly celebrating successes.

SHARED VISION: pulling together in the same direction to achieve a common goal.  Expressing our ideas but when the decision is made everyone heads off in the same direction.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: building customer/stakeholder relationships by anticipating and listening to their needs and then reviewing our performance from their perspective.

SHARED RESPONSIBILITY: when someone drops the ball, the most important thing will be to get it back into play.  We will work as a team, find solutions, and then share the successes and rewards