Gamification provides more than fun. Gamification builds confidence by engaging, motivating and encourages users to become mentally stronger.

Gamification is more than just a game because it delivers a positive change experience, assists learning, improves business processes and reinforces specific messages.

In business, Gamification has been proven to improve productivity by 18% on average, and this provides an average 12% improvement in profitability and higher employee engagement and decreased employee turnover.

Gamification can motivate using a broad range of game techniques. Gamification is the use of game elements and game design techniques in non-game context or for a purpose outside of the game. When tedious or underutilized processes are more game-like, it is appealing to millennial employees. Game elements include points, levels, resources, quests, avatars, social graph, progression, badges and leaderboards.


"A game is a problem-solving activity, approached with a playful attitude." ‒ Jesse Schell


Gamification and games have objectives or goals. Games use constitutive rules which are voluntarily followed to overcome obstacles. This structure gives us choices in freedom and meaningful choices of play. Games all have a voluntary learning or problem-solving format that is a balance of structure and exploration. Players are the center of the game and enjoy the play because it gives them a sense of autonomy and control to master skills and find accomplishment. Self-discovery, real-time feedback, and progression, coupled with social behaviour, becomes habitual.

So, people play games because they are fun. But what is fun? There are different types of fun 1) Easy Fun - hanging out at the beach. 2) Hard Fun- accomplishing a marathon. 3) People Fun - being social. 4) Serious Fun - achieving something meaningful.

We tap into our emotions with these types of fun by winning, problem-solving, challenges, exploring, collecting, surprise, using imagination, sharing, role-playing customization, or wasting time.

In some unsophisticated gamification Point, Badges and Leaderboards are added to a non-game activity to make it game-like, but these are not always capable of genuine engagement. They are easy to incorporate but often wear thin. Leaderboards are competition with the danger that only the leaders are motivated, leaving the vast majority demotivated.

Meaningful choices are the heart of real engagement. Intrinsic Rewards are much harder to achieve and not easily replaced with stuff/rewards. An elegant gamification system incorporates game elements, fun, and elusive intrinsic rewards while allowing microlearning to flourish.

Gauge is an elegant gamification system that incorporates game elements, fun and intrinsic rewards while allowing microlearning to flourish

The Gauge Gamification Platform taps into our emotions by having fun winning, feeling confident through problem-solving, and feeling mentally stronger by addressing and understanding challenges.

Gauge's strength is providing users with meaningful choices, which are the heart of real engagement.