Micro-learning happens when someone asks you what you know and then gives you a tidbit of information, that reinforces or expands your understanding.

Just as a Doctor with Interns, uses the Socratic Questioning Method of learning by asking questions. It allows the student an opportunity to confirm their knowledge and expands that learning by adding new insights.


Questions challenge old perspective and participants find out
what they need to know to succeed. 


Gauge achieves micro-learning by asking questions. Using the Socratic Questioning Method of learning - asking questions to explore new ideas, and gives the participant an opportunity to build their knowledge. 

Curiosity links Gauge's access to the resources necessary to expand their knowledge, instantly, using the More Information Button.

Gauge users remember the knowledge they gain and will apply it to their business ventures and lifestyle.

The Gauge micro-learning process is fun and provides users with intrinsic (Wow, I knew that!) and extrinsic (Look what I got as a bonus!) rewards. Play causing the facts or skills learned to become entrenched.