Quantifies Knowledge 

When someone passes an exam with 80%, do we ever worry about how the 20% missed information could negatively impact their future?

Gauge allows students to play until they reach a set level of accomplishment (score). While they are discovering what bits of knowledge they are lacking, they are also reviewing the course material. This cements the learning and counters the "Forgetting  Curve".

Gauge with its topic-specific libraries can input questions that are related to courseware provided by online or leader lead learning environments.  With Gauge, the information provided in training sessions can be refreshed so that participants can absorb more of the content, understand its relevance and most importantly be assured of a secure future.  

Now learners can self-certify at their own pace and feel more confident in their capabilities.

When a candidate for accreditation or Continuing Education Credit does not answer as expected, per the curriculum-based question,  they can use the link to the “More Information” tab which will vector them quickly and effectively to the relevant information on that subject area.



















The chart above shows how review affects memory. You can see that every time you review material you both retain much more information, and your forgetting curve steadies out at a much higher level. Each time you review material you take much more away. Research indicates that the minimum amount of review is three. https://www.csustan.edu/sites/default/files/groups/Writing%20Program/forgetting_curve.pdf


The Gauge Chat function is like study groups in formal education systems. The Gauge Chat allows learners to share their knowledge provided in courses and chat discussions will build learning networks.  

The rewards system included as part of the Gauge platform reinforces a sense of accomplishment and increased self-confidence.

The Gauge, Personal Performance Pad, can be configured to monitor desired learning outcomes showing the trainee what areas they need to focus on accumulating accreditations or continuing education credits.