Verify knowledge as you play

Gauge’s interactive play is a novel and fun way to verifying knowledge uptake. Where standard testing only allows for a pass or fail, Gauge tracks, measures and rewards each player’s progress, quantifying strengths and weaknesses. Gauge tests knowledge identifies the gaps and continues to teach as it tests.


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Micro-Learning Reinforces training

Gauge continues to teach as it tests. Players identify knowledge gaps, learn from their mistakes and “dig deeper”  to learn about concepts with one click of the "More Information Button." Gauge’s competitive learning platform is fully customizable to cover any topic or learning objective to meet the needs of your organization.

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Social & Competitive

Colleagues engage and communicate 

Gauge’s interactive gameplay activates the desire to learn and drives collaboration among teams and diverse groups - anytime, anywhere - for real-world benefits.  Gauge is a social platform for testing and learning that uses micro-reinforcement techniques and delivers unique insights on member capacities and knowledge levels.

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What Gauge Delivers

Mentoring Inspiring Growth

As a mentoring tool Gauge asks you questions and provides you with the knowledge you need to be more accomplished.

Rewards Personal Progress

We all need to know our efforts are both emotionally and tangibly rewarded. Gauge does this through achievement, winning and tracking your progress and growth.

Custom Content Links to Resources

Gauge is designed to allow for industry and company specific questions to be included in its library; linking the game to company resources and materials.

Engaging & Challenging

Learning is much more effective when we have fun finding out. We all like the challenge to compete, other times we just want to quietly explore.

Gauge is a competitive learning platform to build knowledge and confidence for professional and personal success. Interactive play challenges each player’s knowledge base and rewards continuous learning as they absorb, retain and apply micro-learning “information nuggets.” Gauge is fully customizable to cover any topic or objective to meet the needs of your organization.

Impact of Gamification


of people believe that gamification inspires them to work harder


of employees enjoy using gamified systems


Using game-based motivation raises engagement by


of employees are more productive when they use gamification

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